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Gas engineer walsall
Commercial Gas Safety Certificates


24/7 Drains provides a professional gas engineer Walsall service to domestic and commercial customers in Walsall. We cover a varied and wide range of services. From complete new installations to repairs and annual safety checks for landlords, estate- and letting agents.

Wherever there are gas appliances in use, there is a risk of unexpected and unpleasant surprises. Heaters, boilers, cookers etc are often essential parts of keeping the business running. Without heating or hot water your customers and employees will be less than happy. Especially during the colder months, this could be disastrous and very costly when you lose business because of this.

Regular Gas Safety Inspection

This regular check is on most occasions an annual happening. Some manufacturers will advise that this needs to be done more often. Nevertheless annual is the minimum frequency. It is obligatory for landlords and agents to arrange this inspection. But we also strongly advise homeowners to get into the habit of arranging this on a yearly basis.

Besides it being obligatory, it also gives peace of mind. Any issues that could cause larger problems in the future if not solved, will be found in the early stages. And our engineers can sort these out rapidly. Often immediately. But sometimes parts will have to be ordered in.

During this inspection, our engineers not only prepare to issue the needed certificate. During their visit, they will also carry out a number of varied tests. These tests do not only include visual inspection but also a functional and pressure test. The will test the supply- and extraction methods.

Make an Appointment

We offer set appointments which will be planned with your itinerary in mind. No unexpected surprise visits. Our reliable customer service team will plan these appointments around your schedule, to ensure that as little as possible disruption is caused.

Please feel free to call us anytime to discuss what we can do for you.

Annual Gas Safety Certificate

This Gas Safety Certificate can only be issued by Gas Safe registered engineers.
The engineer will give you a report once he completed the tests. This report explains what checks have been done and the outcome of those tests. Any repairs and amendments that are necessary to meet the correct safety standards will need to be carried out before the certificate is handed over.
Furthermore, the inspection report will include recommended improvements. These might not be obligatory at this point in time, but for example, improve efficiency and prevent issues at a later date.

Gas engineer walsall