High Pressure Cleaning Walsall – Water Jet Cleaning Service

high pressure Cleaning walsall

High Pressure Cleaning Walsall

A first impression can only be made once. The appearance of your business premises is of the utmost importance. Shabby entrances, walkways, car parks and external walls can put doubt in your customers’ mind about your professionality and quality control. And besides, this can also result in hazardous circumstances such as dangerously slippery walkways and entrances.

Your customers need to be able to trust you to do a good job for them. If you take care of your premises and the surroundings, it is also highly likely you will take care of your customers and their orders.

Don’t worry, we can help!

There is an extensive range of perfect utilization for our high pressure Cleaning Walsall service. Water jets are used to clean up areas such as car parks, external commercial and industrial building fronts. Besides these areas, we also use it for cleaning agricultural and industrial machinery, equipment etc.

Domestic Driveways & Patios

Weed Removal

Our pressure cleaning equipment is powerful enough to cope with the dirtiest driveway or patio. But for some deep-rooted weeds, such as dandelions, we may have to pre-treat some areas with weed killer. Or use anti-fungicides on dense areas of moss and algae.

Oil Spills and Stains

To remove oil spills and stains from block paving, concrete and tarmac areas we use specially formulated oil removers. These are completely eco-friendly and bio-degradable.

Damaged Areas

If during our cleaning process we identify areas that are damaged, for example sunken block paving, cracked or broken slabs, and frost damaged brickwork we can advise you on suitable repairs.

We can clean it

Don’t put up with that eyesore of a driveway, that slippery pathway or dangerous slimy steps any longer. Let us help you improve your property, call 24/7 Drains Walsall on 07584 629 544 now.

Commercial Spaces


Especially external walls with a textured coating are more prone to get dirty fairly quickly. The type of dirt that is created depends on local climatic conditions. For example, walls and pathways that are in the shade most of the day will get moss growing on them. In more sunny places weeds will happily grow in crevices between slabs. Building fascias near to busy roads will accumulate dirt such as rubber debris off the tires and dirt particles from exhausts.


Besides flat surfaces we are also able to use our water jets for equipment such as tanks, pipes, machinery and vehicles. The build up of residue, internally and externally can cause blockages and stop parts from working properly. A regular and intense cleaning session can help make parts work more efficiently and prevent unnecessary wear and tear.

Our Services

We have a team of experienced professionals who work with the latest equipment to get rid of dirt and grime efficiently, accurately and safely. Working with high pressure devices needs to be done according to all the latest Health and Safety regulations.

This is a quick and efficient way of breathing new life into spaces. This way of working also avoids using chemicals and does not damage the specific surfaces.

Regular Maintenance

Following the initial cleaning we also offer the option for a regular maintenance contract so we can keep those problem areas sparkly and inviting, at any time of the year. This will give you peace of mind without requiring any time and effort from your side.